Teaching TidBits

My name is Jennie Smith and I teach English at a middle school in Upstate, South Carolina. This blog has been created to let those of you who are not involved in the education world in on our little society. I have been told that I have so many funny stories and that I should write them down, so this is where I am writing them! I hope you get laughs and insights into a teachers day through this blog!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where to start?

Well life is always interesting in my classroom. This past week my students have decided to help with Hurricane Katrina relief by starting a canned food drive. We started collecting on Wednesday and collected Thursday (we were out on Friday) and my students brought in 900 canned goods!!! I was so shocked that I could not even begin to tell my kids how proud of them I was. We decided to do it school wide and have it go until the 29th of September-- so at this point I am scared of what is to come. I mean, don't get me wrong it is all for a WONDERFUL cause, but I did not realize how well it was going to go. They are amazing kids and I should not have doubted their enthusiasm or drive, but with getting ready to go on maternity leave (I am due October 2), it is a little wild to think that I could have to leave this whole process. But our librarian has agreed to help me out in case something happens, which is a total blessing. I am interested to see what tomorrow brings (canned goods wise) seeing as how it is my class that is winning the competition and everyone wants to out do my class. This should be interesting. I will have to take a picture of all the cans we have and post it tomorrow. Well for now, that is all I have, but have no fear... there will be more come tomorrow!!